It's wonderful to hear about IMIRC's commitment to providing a liberal and nurturing environment for its student community. The college's emphasis on inclusive education, respect for diversity, and equal opportunities for all students is commendable.

The presence of various support forums and cells, such as the Equal Opportunity Cell, the forum for North East Students, the Enabling Society, and the Women Development Cell, highlights the college's dedication to fostering an inclusive environment. These pillars play a crucial role in helping students develop a new identity within the institution, one that is rooted in its values and empowers them with confidence.

The college's expectations of its students are clear and align with its mission and vision. Students are expected to uphold the legacy and values of the institution, recognizing the hard work and dedication that has built its prestige over several decades. Embracing the liberal values imparted by the college, contributing to women's empowerment, and advocating for fairness, justice, and equity are integral to the college's ethos.

Furthermore, the college emphasizes zero tolerance for behaviors that harm the student community and society as a whole. This includes willful indiscipline, ragging, substance abuse, violation of rules, ordinances, and legislations, as well as misuse of democratic rights and breaches of the constitutional framework.

As torchbearers of great traditions and future leaders, students are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior and uphold the constitution of India. By actively participating in the college's mission of providing excellence in education with equity, students contribute to the overall goals and values of IMIRC.

Overall, it is evident that IMIRC holds high expectations for its students and aims to cultivate individuals who embody its principles of inclusivity, social responsibility, and humanism.